Skiing 2003-2004

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The season started off great with a visit to Crystal Mountain on Thanksgiving day.  The snow was wonderful and if felt nice to be on the snow for a new year on the slopes.  White Pass soon followed with Timberline Lodge, OR shortly there after.

After several more trips to Crystal, Ryan and Jeff made the drive up to Okanogan for a visit to Dad and Venus.  Of course it made for a great excuse to visit the Loup Loup Ski Bowl.  The local ski team had a slalom course set up, which we snuck on to.

Took us some time before making it to Stevens Pass and the wait was worth it.  The terrain park had been groomed to it's finest and we even got Dorita to go down it with us.  Of course Ryan was the only one catching big air off the jumps and us older folks took the pictures.  With saving the best for last, we are assured to have a great season closer.

Ryan at the Loup