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After spending most of the season up at Crystal Mountain, Ryan and Jeff took time to visit Dad up at Okanogan, WA.  Minutes away is a small yet interesting ski bowl call the Loup-Loup Ski Bowl.  With only a single quad chair lift that was purchased from Crystal Mountain, it has several challenging runs to come down.  Ryan was able to find some spots that offered him a chance to catch some air, while Jeff enjoyed sneaking in his time to come down the local ski team's slalom course.

Here you can see Ryan in motion catching big air! (841KB)

If you plan to make a trip to Loup-Loup, be sure to check for recent snowfall.  The elevation isn't as high as resorts in the Cascade Range and the snowfall isn't as great, but don't let this sway your choice.  The people are really nice and the prices are reasonable with good food in their canteen.