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Baseball has become the consuming year round sport for the family, or should I say Ryan. 

Baseball is the one desire that Ryan has held onto.  At age 2 1/2 we bought him a plastic bat and ball that came with a tee.  It didn't take long before he grew tired of the tee and suddenly it was "Throw me the ball Momma."  This was followed by "Go get the ball Momma."  He had learned quickly that when hitting the ball, it wasn't your task to fetch the ball too!  All these hours that Momma spent with Ryan while Dad played Navy paid off when he began playing organized baseball.

At age 5 Ryan played his first team baseball at the Joelton baseball park in Joelton, TN.  His bat spoke well for him as he became one of the heavy hitters on the team.  He ended up playing 3 of 4 years on the All-Stars team for his age group.  He was really fortunate to have some very good coaches over those years.  After the 2000 regular season we moved to back to Kitsap County.

At age 9 our slugger began playing baseball in the Silverdale Pee Wee baseball program.  At this time he also began to admire a team member by the name of Mikey.  Mikey pitched and Ryan wanted so much to play like Mikey!  Ryan made the All-Stars team for 3 years.  At age 11 he was one of the top 4 pitchers in the ball park.

Ryan was suddenly a 9th grader and his 4 years of High School baseball had its ups and downs.  However, he also began playing select baseball.  For 2 years he played on the South Kitsap Wolfpack, making a major difference by leading the team to a winning season.  At 15 he tried out and made the roster for the Narrows Baseball Club 15U team.  The following 2 years he played on the Narrows 18U team and was tutored by pitching coach Eric Bloyd.  During the summer of 2010 Ryan had turned the eyes of several scouts.

In July 2010 Washington State University offered Ryan a baseball scholarship and he gave his verbal agreement to play for them.  In Novemember 2010 Ryan signed his Letter of Intent to play for WSU.  However, at the beginning of the summer 2011 baseball season Ryan decided not to play for WSU due to personal reasons.  During the next 2 days there were 5 other colleges offering him scholarship packages.  Even though Tacoma Community College wasn't offering the largest scholarship, it was decided they offered the best opportunities for baseball.  So as of now Ryan is planning to attend TCC, but there are still plenty of games to be played before school starts in the fall.

Ryan did well playing his first year of college baseball for Tacoma CC.  He was their #1 relief pitcher and showed that he could handle all aspects of pitching whether it be starter, long relief, short relief, closer or put on the mound for damage control.  Of all the pitchers he had the most game appearances at 15 and 9 of these he allowed no earned runs.  His lone start for the season was against Lower Columbia College where he went toe-to-toe with their top ace going 7 innings.  His only hit given up was 1 out into the 7th, but unfortunately would up with a no decision for the outing.  His only win of the season was going to the mound against Skagit Valley College in the bottom of the 9th with a tied score.  He pitched 4 scoreless innings allowing his team time to score in the top of 12 and earned the win.  Seeing 34.2 innings he finished the season 1-1 & 3 saves.

Summer of 2012 TCC coach Mummert rewarded Ryan with a roster spot playing for the Glens Falls Golden Eagles in Glens Falls, NY.  This is 1 of 9 teams comprising the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League.  So far he is off to a good start.  Follow him for the summer on the Golden Eagles page.