What files do I want?

Files to be saved are two types,

        Profile items - items found in the same location for users

        Personal files - items found outside of the user's profile

We will work with Profile items first:

1.  In the ROOT of your DESTINATION drive, right click and create a new folder.  Name this PROFILE.  Double click on the folder so it opens in the DESTINATION drive.

2.  In the SOURCE window open the ROOT/USER folder.  You should see a folder with your username.  Open your user folder to display the profile contents.

Here is a list of items to pull from the USER PROFILE folder

    - Library folders (My Documents - Music - Pictures - Videos)  If you don't have anything to save at a mentioned location, don't spend the time to copy the folder.

    - Favorites

    - Desktop

    - AppData (DO NOT copy this folder.  Only copy the following items)

        * "AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/UProof"    Custom Dictionary:  COPY the CUSTOM.DIC to your profile folder.

        * "AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Outlook"    Outlook OST file:  COPY the Outlook.OST to your profile folder.  This file contains all your Saved emails.  In the business world, users will also use a PST file to save emails.  This location is likely to be different and usually standardized by local IT.  Some times these files might be found in the "AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook" folder.  (Notice it is the LOCAL folder and not the ROAMING folder.)

        * Other items that will be found in the "AppData/Roaming/Microsoft" which we will not worry about at this time:

                - .acl files        auto complete list

                - Outlook signature files        Files used by Outlook to save created email signatures

Personal files may be harder to find.  These are the items you've created over time and has not been saved in one of the Library folders.  Locations may vary dependant on folders you've created.  If this is a computer from a user, you may need to get adventurous and go searching for these files.  Sometimes