Public Notice

21 NOVEMBER, 2003

The domain name "" at one time was hosted on a server at  Sometime around August, 2003 servers were hacked as per public articles published by Computer World.  During the month of September, 2003 the domain name "" began showing up as part of forged header information on spam email.  The use of the domain name "" for these purposes was not solicited for nor in any form given the permission to be used in such a way.  The use of the domain name "" for these purposes has been identified as a form of "Identity Theft" and as such has been filed with the Federal Trade Commission.  As being a registered domain within the State of Washington, the use of this domain name is also a violation of Washington State laws governing spam email along with Washington State laws governing Identity Theft and has been filed with the Washington State Attorney's General Office. does not support spam email in any form.



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